Our forefathers were masters in the realm of DIY (Do It Yourself) projects.  The made/fixed anything they needed.  They usually didn’t have the time or money to simply go buy a brand new gadget or hire someone to come do it for them.

They took pride in their work.

In the modern world, there’s increasingly less need to do anything for ourselves.  A quick Google search and we can find someone to mow our lawn, fix our sink, and change the oil in our car.  It’s easy!  It’s convenient!

It’s destroying you.

By never doing anything for yourself, you are destroying your work ethic, creativity, problem solving skills, wallet, and your damn sense of pride.  DIY projects help build valuable skillsets that any self-respecting man should possess.  Does this mean you have to DIY everything?  No, but you should seriously contemplate doing a project yourself before immediately running to the store.

IMG_0484My weekend warrior project. I’m increasing the functionality and value of my house as well as adding to my list of skills.

Some DIY projects appear out of the blue:

  • The dryer stops working – It happened to me and I had no previous experience working on dryers.  By the end of the project, the dryer was fixed and I had learned a new skill
  • Your get a flat on the trip home from work.
  • You got some scrap lumber laying around and a box of screws – It’s like Lego’s for men.

Other projects you plan for:

  • Oil changes and car maintenance.
  • Building a piece of furniture for the house
  • Homemade products to replace items you’d usually purchase (toothpaste, laundry detergent, etc)


IMG_0485 A vertical garden I’m making out of stuff laying around the house to grow vegetables in.  Total cost of this project: $0.00.

Take advantage of every opportunity to learn something new.  Look around your house and figure out what you would like to have that you could make on your own.  This flexes your creativity muscles.  If you REALLY want to challenge yourself, do not look up how to create what you want online.  Figure it out yourself.  The only caveats for this are electrical and plumbing work…please look up how to safely work on either of these.

Men are natural creators.  We crave diving into projects and getting our hands dirty.

The satisfaction you feel after creating something from scratch is immense.  It’s similar to working out and getting in shape.  You become more confident because you’ve accomplished something that most others wouldn’t have even thought to try.

DIY nowadays has taken on a more effeminate tone.  Type “DIY” into Google and you’ll pull up thousands of projects that look like they’re made for a teenage girl’s room.


I rest my case.

Gentlemen, I urge you to reclaim your primal need to create with your own hands.  Before you purchase something, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Can I make this myself?
  2. Will it be cheaper if I make it myself?
  3. Will its quality be comparable to the store bought product (If it’s made in China then chances are that’ll be a yes)?
  4. Will I learn something new in the process?

If the answer to even one of these questions is “yes”, then you have all the reason you need to do it your own damn self.

Grab your hammer and nails.

Roll up your sleeves.

Turn off the TV.

Your masculinity is calling.


Gentleman Jak