Afternoon Gentlemen,

Do you want to hear a phrase that I absolutely love?

This phrase is an act of pure brotherly love between men. It encourages men to strive for better, to overcome their fears, and to disregard the petty antics of their inferiors. To the weak, it infuriates. To the strong, it motivates. I get a smile on my face every time I hear it used…

Man up!

Manning up can take many forms depending on who you talk to.  Sadly, it is a term often abused by effeminate men and manipulative women.  They use it to justify their weak behavior or to try to guilt real men into bending to their will.

So what does manning up really entail?  The answer is both simple and complex.  If I had to boil it down to its essence however, I would say four primary traits embody the virtues of manning up:

  • Stoicism
  • Courage
  • Dignity
  • Duty

Sure, we could add many more traits to this list (integrity, confidence, etc), but none quite compare to these four.  This post is going to explore these four masculine traits and discuss the faulty logic many people use when telling someone to “man up.”


To put it simply, stoicism is simply taking whatever life throws at you and keeping a stiff upper lip:

  • Stub your toe?  Walk it off.
  • Rough day at work?  Have a second pint at the pub to unwind.
  • You girlfriend breaks up with you?  Shake it off and move on.

It sounds like stoicism mean being unfeeling and callous.  It really isn’t.  Stoicism is simply suppressing your feelings in order to maintain an aura of calm rationality.  Master Chim at The Pressure Project puts it best: “When you’re emotional, you’re by definition not thinking logically.”

A man’s most powerful weapon is his mind and when you lose your mind, you’re no more powerful than a feral dog.  Always remember this.  The impact you make will be small and with serious repercussions.  Push your emotions to the side and think clearly.


This is another term that has been usurped in recent years.  Everyone’s courageous and heroic nowadays.  The term courageous has lost all meaning in today’s society.

Gentlemen, it’s time to bring back the true meaning of the word!

A courageous man does not slink and hide behind others when confronted nor does he back down when his convictions are challenged.  Courage is entering into action with unabashed boldness and not backing down.

Brilliant as he is, courageous he is not.


Dignity is simply having pride in yourself and believing you personally have worth.  This sounds kind of cheesy on the surface, but let me compare two hypothetical men and let’s see who you believe has more dignity:



If you have dignity, you have a low tolerance for what you will allow people to do to you.  You are no doormat nor are you a willing to just go with the flow if it’s compromises your self-worth.

This man…this man right here has some dignity.


Every man of worth has a strong sense of duty, be that his duty to his family, work, church, or country.  A man with a strong sense of duty will not forsake it for short term gain or fleeting pleasures.  A strong sense of duty requires discipline and courage.  Be it the day to day grind of working to support your family or the heat of battle, you know your goals and are focused on accomplishing them first and foremost.


Now that you have a basic understanding of what true manning up is, you should likewise know when someone is trying to manipulate by calling out your masculinity.  Whether it be a liberal feminazi, a misguided cuckservative, or even your own spouse, analyze the accusation and if it has no credence, have the dignity to stand up for yourself and call said person out on their crap.

angry woman
“You need to man up and do exactly what I tell you to do!”


This my call to you to…

Operate on your own terms.

Have unwavering pride in yourself.

Carry yourself above the average riff-raff.

Man up!

Best Regards,

Gentleman Jak

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