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The 8 Pillars of Prosperity by James Allen is a fantastic read for those who can snag a copy.  Below are some personal notes and excerpts from the book as I read through that I found useful.  Hopefully, you will find some value in them as well.  So, without further ado…

The 8 Pillars

Moral virtues comprise a nation and create greater prosperity for individuals.  Prosperity cannot be created through political and social reconstruction.

 No legal enactment can give prosperity, or prevent the ruin of a man or nation that has forsaken the practice of virtue.

Better laws/social conditions will always follow a higher realization of morality.

1. Energy

Energy is a moral virtue, its opposing vice being laziness. “The lazy man does the hardest work.”  Even energy misapplied is better than no energy at all.  But energy does not stand alone.  The main qualities of energy are:

  • Promptitude – Begets reliability.
  • Vigilance – Ensures that an individual’s energy is focused on the right principles.
  • Industry – An industrious man, while not necessarily the richest, is cheerful and satisfied with their lot in life, sleeping well at night knowing they had completed a good day’s work.
    • To talk of having to “kill time” is almost like a confession of imbecility
  • Earnestness – The dedication of the entire mind to its task.True economy is the middle way in all things, whether material or mental, between waste and undue retention.  The gathering up of money or energy is only a means; the end is use; and it is use only that produces power.

2. Economy

  • Moderation – Avoids extremes and consists of abstaining from the unnecessary and harmful.
  • Efficiency – Is derived from skill; doing things the right way so it is done the first time and properly.
  • Resourcefulness – The outcome of efficiency.  The resourceful man invents, discovers, and initiates.  They cannot fail, only progress.  Their minds are supple, always creating new schemes, methods, and hopes.  A resourceful mind is like a river that never runs dry.
  • Originality – Is resourcefulness refined and ripened. Where there is originality, there is genius.  While learning from others, do not seek to imitate them. Rather, put yourself into your work and make it new and original.  Original men are leaders among others, but originality cannot be forced; it can only be developed.Nothing can ever be gained with fraud.  It must be returned with a heavy interest.  Fraud is not confined to one specific group.  Anyone trying to get something without giving something equivalent in return are practicing fraud.  Men who scheme to get money without working a frauds and closely related to thieves.  The man who courts prosperity must ensure that what he gives, whether mental or material, must be equal to what he gets in return.  Without integrity, energy and economy will eventually fail.  Integrity are held together by these four elements:

3. Integrity

  • Honesty – An honest man may fail, but never due to his honesty.  He will not injure his character or reputation and thus will be able to rebuild with greater ease than a dishonest man would.
  • Fearlessness – The honest man has a clear eye and an unflinching gaze. He looks his fellowmen in the face, and his speech is direct and convincing. The liar and cheat hangs his head; his eye is muddy and his gaze oblique. He cannot look another man in the eye, and his speech arouses mistrust, for it is ambiguous and unconvincing.
  • Purposefulness – The man of integrity is the man of direct aims and strong and intelligent purposes. He does not guess, and work in the dark.  Strong men have strong purposes, and strong purposes lead to strong achievements. The man of integrity is above all men strong, and his strength is manifested in that thoroughness with which he does the business of his life; thoroughness which commands respect, admiration, and success.
  • Invincibility – Only those with perfect integrity are invincible and unassailable.  Pure integrity is armor against all attack and injury that no amount of talent, intellect, or business acumen can provide.

More to come in the future…

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