Good Day Gentlemen,

I was going to save this topic for a later date, but I came across a post earlier that was a smack in the face and lit a fire in me to write it now rather than later (more on that post shortly).  Many of you believe the same as I do: society is crumbling and becoming increasingly degenerate.  With the extreme levels of wealth our society has attained, we have become complacent and comfortable.

The virtues of the older, more savage world are being tossed aside for the new, suicidal virtues of tolerance, acceptance, and victimhood.  These “virtues” help to raise up the lowest common denominators of our society to positions of prominence.  The sad reality is when the filth of society is regarded as nobility, then society as a whole begins to rot.  There’s no longer a need or desire to excel.

Just post some nudie pics or create some faux outrage and you’re instantly famous.  The virtues of stoicism, courage, dignity, and duty are being pushed aside and along with them, what made our country great.

Today we look at three celebrations of mediocrity that no self-respecting man would support:

The “Just Be Yourself” Phenomenon

Here’s the post that pushed this topic to the top of my priority list.  This little gem is filled with so much nonsense that I had to step away from my desk for a cup of coffee before tackling it:

From a doctor, no less.  Forgive me if I question what she has a doctorate in.


That’s right, gentlemen, you can’t be improved so don’t even try.  Realize it!  This is just another sad example of shrugging off the desire to become more than you started as.  Just be you.  Everyone’s great.  No need to do anything to be great.  You just are.

Any man who believes in this nonsense better not complain when they are unsuccessful in their careers, with women, or anything else.  You’re not perfect just the way you are.  You are a block of marble that must be meticulously and painstakingly sculpted.  This huge endeavor requires a tremendous effort on your part.  Whenever someone says “just be you,” you should scoff at them.

Solution: Replace “Just be you” with “Be the best damn version of you.”

Fat Acceptance & The Dad Bod

This is probably one of the most short-sighted and ego-driven movements of the century lead by people who are too lazy to take care of themselves, but don’t want to feel bad about said laziness.  They want to have their cake (and yours) and eat it too.  They’re sacrificing their health and well-being for a Twinkies-fueled lifestyle of diabetes, heart disease, and premature death.

You keep your “Dad Bod”and I’ll keep mine.

Feminists and SJW’s will bitch and moan about the unrealistic beauty standards forced upon women, but it’s nothing more than them trying to justify their own pathetic behavior.

“Aim for the sky and you’ll reach the ceiling.  Aim for the ceiling and you’ll stay on the floor.” -Bill Shankly

This quote means set high standards for yourself.  Even if you fail, you’ll achieve more than if you set your goals lower.

Solution: Don’t be a lazy bum.  Perform 3-5 strength training sessions a week, walk daily, and eat a clean diet.

The “Everyone’s a Winner” Lie

The weak wish to spare other’s feelings thinking they’re doing them a favor.  In reality, their drive to compete and win is being undermined and their morale squelched.

Why compete if the losers are given equal recognition and praise as the winners?

The consequences of this asinine behavior really begin to manifest once the children grow up, complete college, and enter the real world.  Reality is a hard slap to the face when they must experience their first significant loss as an adult.


Let your children learn how to handle losing when they are kids.  For the astute, every loss provides a multitude of lessons.  For the fool, they never look past the failure.

Solution: Teach your children that failures happen, then help them learn how to win.


Our reality consists of an ever-changing tapestry of opportunities, victories, and failures.  You must shatter the illusions that have been foisted upon you, accept the universal truths we all live (and die) by, and decide on the type of life you want to lead.  Do you want to be a sniveling loser who blames their woes on everyone else or do you want to be a man of dignity that others flock to for guidance and wisdom?

One path is easy.  The other is incredibly hard.

One path leads to riches and success.  The other to ruin.

The choice is yours.

Best Regards,

Gentleman Jak