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A seven part series on hijacking a liberal’s amygdala . Hilarity ensues.

Create your own personal constitution and live by it.

While training your body, don’t also forget to train your mind.

The health benefits of a Ketogenic Diet and how to implement it.

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Your Monthly Vices

A refreshing Gin & Tonic is the perfect drink for those hot summer days.

CAO Brazilia Cigars are my go-to for smaller sized cigars with a fine, smooth flavor.  Don’t let the small size fool you though, they are packed tight enough to last you quite a while.

Found this cold brewed coffee on the way to church a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it.  No preservatives; just filtered water and organic coffee.

The Monthly Challenge – Build a Chair

That’s right, build a chair that you will use either inside or outside your house.  You may use any materials and make it as elaborate or plain as you like.  Get those DIY juices going, create a functional piece of furniture, and email me a picture of the finished product.  All entries will be posted on the next Monthly Study article at the end of August, so get to work!

Miscellaneous Media

A good song to get your blood flowing.

Good ole Cappy explains the difference between Keynesian and Austrian Economics.

Ivan Throne joins Kyle Trouble’s podcast to dispense some wisdom from the Dark Side.

 For Shits & Giggles

I think this comic rings with red-pill truths more than the author realized: