Good Afternoon Gentlemen,

While scrolling through my Twitter feed today, I came across this article about a new television show, The Great Indoors and the faux outrage produced by the whiny millennials when they discovered they were the butt of a joke.

This article is going to be a bit out of the norm for my normal writings, but there are lessons to be learned here so bear with me.

Piss-Poor Journalism

This is an excellent example of a few issues pervasive in modern society.  The first is the complete lack of professionalism by supposed journalists today.  Far from being objective, their snide remarks and obvious contempt make it sound more like a witch hunt than an interview.

Stephen Fry, who stars in the show as a travel editor who becomes the boss of a group of millennials in the digital department of a magazine, jumped in to say that he believes there is “an element of coddling” in the generation and “an element in which you have it tougher than the generation before.

“Yeah, no shit” the millennial reporter, not named by Deadline, fired back, before saying she wanted the question answered by Gibbons, not Fry (who noted a previous generation in his family was sent to Auschwitz).”

Another incensed millennial reporter later rhetorically asked: “Do you want millennials to watch your show? Cause you come out here and said ‘Ha, ha, ha, millennials are so sensitive and PC,’”, branding his comments “so negative”.

These adult children could not keep their personal opinions in check.  Their emotions bled through in a childish fashion.  Sadly, I cannot say I’m surprised.

Faux Outrage

The second, and more obvious, issue here is the absolutely delicious irony at play in this article.  I had to double check to make sure I wasn’t reading an Onion article at first because it seemed so ridiculous.

  • CBS creates a comedy show about overly sensitive millennials.
  • Overly sensitive millennials get upset about the TV show’s premise.
  • Said millennials then proceed to throw snark at the producer and actors.

These special snowflakes are so narrow-minded and ill-equipped to handle the real world that they fail to see that they are making the case of the producers.  You couldn’t ask for a better advertisement for the show.  Forget airing clips of the show to advertise it.  Run this interview showing the whiny millennial journalists instead.

A Ray of Hope

Instead of backing down from these crybullies or making excuses, the producers and actors defended their work:

“A great example is how you interrupted my answer,” Gibbons replied.

The Great Indoors co-star Joel McHale interjected that if the show is offending millennials, it is “the best strategy ever”.

This is the tactic you must take whenever a SJW or like-minded special snowflake attacks you.  You must not back down nor apologize.  You must push back with unabashed fervor.  Keep them on the defensive and don’t give an inch.

The whole crew firing back at these journalists is a welcome sign.  It’s another example of people pushing back against the faux outrage being fabricated and used as weapons against anything deemed politically incorrect.

Cry more.

People are starting to wake up to the fact that their freedom of speech is slowly being eroded and are fighting back.


If confronted by one of the thought police, do not back down, do not apologize, and do not make excuses.  Be a rock that the waves crash against but never knock down.

On the flip side, understand the preposterousness of the universe and learn to shrug aside that which has no power over you.  If others can affect your emotions, they have power over you.

Be invincible.  Unshakeable.

Laugh at their pitiful attempts to anger you.

Real men keep their emotions under control.  They don’t scream and wail at every slight.

Best Regards,

Gentleman Jak