I am not an overly political individual and typically steer clear of talking about politics on this blog.  This site is made for all men seeking to improve themselves mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially.

That being said, I’m going to lightly dip my toes into a political discussion going on right now in order to make a point.  While I have my own personal thoughts on the upcoming election, this post isn’t intended to support or denounce any specific candidate.

Rather, it is to bring to light a growing trend I am seeing in the public arena; a disturbing trend that highlights just how far journalism, intellectual honesty, and rational discourse has fallen.

Let me lay out the scene for you:

Trump Jr. recently gave a speech highlighting growing concerns around Syrian refugees coming into our country with little to no proper screening.

“If I had a bowl of skittles and I told you just three would kill you. Would you take a handful? That’s our Syrian refugee problem.”

-Donald Trump Jr.

The backlash was immediate, visceral, and unrepentantly dishonest.  From simple ad hominem attacks to blatant misrepresentations of the analogy, the attacks from the left have thundered across social media platforms.

For those of you reading this sentence, take a breath and read through it again.  Let me ask you, what is wrong, racist, or dishonest about this statement?

One Bad Apple Ruins the Bunch

Trump Jr. was not implying that all refugees are bad people.  He implies as much right in his “inflammatory” statement.  Three Skittles.  Out of an entire bowl, just three Skittles are poisoned.  The rest are perfectly fine to eat.

The same is precisely true regarding our refugee problem.  It doesn’t take but a few bad apples getting in to ruin things for everyone.  Europe is quickly falling into chaos because they failed to recognize this one, simple fact.  The USA has also suffered their own share of tragedies due to a few bad apples.

A bad apple can shoot up an Army base.

A couple of poisoned Skittles can blow up injure and kill scores at a marathon.

A few working together can fly commercial airliners into the World Trade Centers.

Were these all refugees?  No, but my point remains:  It doesn’t take but a few individuals with evil intent to cause untold amounts of destruction and death.  Gulping down huge handfuls of these Skittles with no clue as to which ones might be poisoned is a recipe for disaster.

The Solution

So how do you ensure you are not going to be swallowing a fruit-flavored cyanide pill?  By strictly screening each and every Skittle in the bowl and tossing aside any Skittles that test positive for poison, not by wailing and gnashing your teeth.

No, no it isn’t, you intellectually dishonest shill.


If your immediate response is to call the person warning you of the poison a disgusting bigot, then you need a little cyanide to round out your diet of Cheetos, Hot Pockets, and Diet Coke..

Men, the media is not your friend.  It’s purpose is to spread an agenda and discourage calm, rational thought.  We are not dealing with the journalists of old who risked life and limb to uncover the truth.  We’re dealing with sellouts, cowards, and frauds.

Do not take anything they say at face value.  Push your emotions to the side and think about each argument that is being presented with calculating, unfeeling logic.  Pay no mind to those who crow around you.  They are practicing intellectual dishonesty and should be either mocked or ignored.

Our greatest tool is our mind.  Use it.

Best Regards,

Gentleman Jak

Update 9/21/16

Another example of manufactured, dishonest outrage: Trump didn’t mock disabled man

Rainbowalbrecht provided this link: Liberal use exact same analogy to shame men

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