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An emergency can happen at any instant. Are you prepared?

One of the Dark Triad personalities, the Jester.

17 Rules to follow if you want to succeed.

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Your Monthly Vices

A light, sweet smoke, Djarum Black is a pleasant change of pace from the normal cigarette.

The Monthly Challenge – Create an Emergency Fund

The end goal is to have 3-6 months of savings put aside, but start with whatever you can.  Step 1 should be saving up $1000.  From there, slowly add more as funds allow.  Whatever you do, do NOT take money from here unless it is for a legitimate emergency.

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Life ain’t fair?  False.  Life is completely fair.  Quit your bitching.

 For Shits & Giggles

Even red-pill people need to poke a little fun at themselves from time to time.


 Shameless Self-Promotion

Don’t limit to growing a glorious beard and mustache to just one month a year.