Ivan Throne is a relative newcomer to the blogging community, making his first post just a year ago on his blog, Dark Triad Man.  From the beginning, I knew his site was going to be something different, something more profound than the common sites you run across on the internet.  For a good idea of what Ivan is all about, here are a few of his works:

Bloody Banners in the Dark World

100 Dark World Lessons

5 Ruthless Life Hacks From a Psychopath

The Way of Deep Penetration

3 Steps to Gladiator Power

All of Ivan’s posts eventually lead up to his creation of The Nine Laws.  Originally a short eBook that he gave out for free, the demand for an expanded version was so great, that he soon began production.

So enough of the backstory, let’s get to what you came here to find out…

What Are The Nine Laws?

In this tome you will bear witness to the hardships Ivan Throne overcame to reach his level of success.  He has faced hardships that are the nightmares of others.  It’s these dark, grim realities of the world that taught him what it took to survive.  To survive and thrive, you must recognize the world for what it really is.  You need to peer past the thin veneer of civilized society and reveal the ugly truths that lie deep in other’s hearts.

Ivan Throne
The founder of Dark Triad Man and author of The Nine Laws, Ivan Throne

Like many others, myself included, Ivan Throne believes a bloody war is on the horizon.  The pieces are being set and many have already chosen a side.  Great devastation and suffering are sure to follow.  Those who will be the most affected are the clueless sheep who carry on with their daily lives without ever looking around to see what’s unfolding.  They might be honest, hardworking people, but they are fools.

Ivan Throne implores men to wake up to what’s going on and prepare themselves.

Go and look at yourself in the mirror right now.  Look long and hard.  If society were to collapse into complete chaos tomorrow, would you be able to survive the ensuing storm?  Have you lived a lifestyle that would increase the odds of you emerging out on top?

Have you trained your body for savage combat?

Have you honed your skills to the expert levels?

Do you have a large store of knowledge and resources to pool from?

I’m willing to bet, you haven’t done these things.  Not many people ponder on these bleak realities because it’s quite frankly, uncomfortable.

When speech is silenced, and men cannot openly challenge each other and work out conflict and ideas in open forum, consciences curdle and hatred stews and violence is planned.

The only encounter left between silenced men is collision over distance.

This is neither right nor wrong, but simply how it is.

You will not suppress free speech and have a contented people.

You will instead create a restless, angry beast that coils and looks for provocation to kill.

“Ok,” you might be thinking, “but what about the here and now? What does this book have to offer in a less chaotic world?”

In essence, the same thing.  Ivan offers you guidance to help you understand and safely navigate through the traps society sets.  He busts through the false lullabies of the mainstream media who keep telling you everything is great and shows you how to harness the power of the Dark Triad (Narcissism, Machiavellism, and Psychopathy) for your profit and growth.

From the Dark Triad, Ivan has created The Nine Laws to help you savor life to its fullest while protecting you from the pitfalls:

  1. Survival – Without being able to survive, none of the other laws matter.
  2. Concealment – Conceal yourself from the threats of the world.  Be like a ninja and blend into your surroundings.
  3. Purpose – A man without purpose in his life is not really living.  Find your purpose and pursue it with unwavering resolve.
  4. Endurance – You’re going to need endurance and unending resolve in order to pursue your purpose.  Train both your body and your mind.
  5. Posture – For red-pill men, this is very similar to “maintaining frame.”  For the layman, it’s maintaining your wits and composure about you regardless of the circumstances.
  6. Freedom – Freedom is the birthright of every man.  Fight to your dying breath to preserve it.
  7. Power – Power is not something to be feared.  It is the tool you use to shape your world to suit you.
  8. Preposterousness – The more you think about life, the more preposterous everything seems.  What are the odds of you being right here, right now?  Revel in it.
  9. No Laws – Once you have mastered the rules, you can begin to bend – and even break – them.  Nothing is written in stone.  Whatever works is right.

How To Use This Book

This book is equal parts autobiography, philosophical discussion, and self-help.  Don’t come into this book looking for a step-by-step procedure to becoming a paragon of the Dark Triad.  You might be disappointed that it’s not a simple process of “Do X to achieve Y” but there’s a simple, yet important, reason why he doesn’t lay the book out in such a manner.  It wouldn’t work.  Every person has different temperaments, strengths, weaknesses, goals, and lifestyles.  Telling a man with $10 to his name to go invest in a mutual fund is pointless.

Instead, The Nine Laws forces you to intensively reflect on your behaviors and mindset in order to address flaws and to progress forward.  Don’t expect to read this book once, twice, or even a dozen times and understand all the lessons contained in this book.  This is a wealth of knowledge you will need to come back to time and time again, write notes and highlight in, and reference many times in order cement the lessons in your mind.

Read.  Reflect.  Apply.  Repeat.

No one can do this for you.  It is a long, hard journey towards this type of self-improvement.  You will be required to shed many false beliefs you have of the world.  Piercing, white light will be shone into every nook and cranny of your being and any weakness will be expunged.  It will hurt.  You won’t like it.  But you will emerge stronger for it.

With all that said, you have but one task before you, should you wish to proceed…

Get up.

Get up and walk.


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Best Regards,

Gentleman Jak