It’s another day and boy do I have a book review for you!  Today I am going to review Victor Pride’s eBook 30 Days of Discipline, or 30 DoD for short.  Many of you will know Victor Pride from his writings over at  If you have never been to his site, please proceed to slap yourself across the face and then head over there.

If you are lazy, out of shape, and eat garbage all day, this is the kick in the ass that you need!  Victor Pride’s book, 30 DoD, covers all aspects of your daily life from basic fitness and nutrition to improving your productivity to turn you into a lean, mean, muscled machine.

If you are on the right path, working hard, eating right, kicking ass and taking names, but still need that little push to get you to the next level, 30 Days of Discipline is still right for you.

Who Is Victor Pride?

Victor Pride
Victor Pride, founder of Bold and Determined, author of 30 Days of Discipline

Victor Pride is a veteran to the blogging game and has inspired many other prominent figures in the manosphere to achieve greatness.  Truth be told, Victor Pride was the person who convinced me to start writing (Thanks, Vic).  His hard-hitting, direct style of writing reaches the deepest recesses of your soul and stirs up the inner wolf in you.  It’s hard to read his articles and not feel like your ready to take on the world.

His site focuses on nutrition, building muscle, motivation, and making money.  He’s no slouch and he doesn’t accept slothful or whiny, defeatist behavior from others.  Due to his unwavering drive, he has created his own little empire. Instead of resting on his laurels, however, he’s plowed ahead expanding his empire to encompass eBooks, apparel, and supplements.

30 Days of Discipline

So what is 30 DoD and what makes it so special?  The power of this book lies in its simplicity.  This isn’t a long tome that requires multiple readings in order to learn all the lessons within.  In fact, 30 Days of Discipline is only 21 pages long.

You heard me, 21 pages long.

Some of you may be turned off by the brevity of this book, but trust me when I tell you that it’s actually one of its selling points.  Like Victor Pride, 30 DoD, is down to business without any fluff.  Without any ado, he’s telling you what to do in order to transform yourself, mind and body.

Without giving away too much of the book, Victor Pride lays out 12 habits to follow daily.  Let me repeat this part so you don’t gloss over it…


Simple? Sure.  Easy? Hardly.  These 12 habits aren’t complex, elaborate tasks that you will be working on all day to accomplish.  In fact, you can polish off about 5 of these tasks within the first hour of waking up with minimal effort.  The real effort with these 12 habits is in actually staying disciplined enough to consistently perform each and every one of them for 30 days and not the actual habits themselves.

Don’t believe me?  Here’s two freebies for you from 30 Days of Discipline.  Don’t worry, I’m not giving away anything as this has been discussed on Bold & Determined quite often.

Do these two things every single morning for 30 days:

  1. Get up at 5:00 AM.
  2. Take a cold shower.

Easy enough, right?  It is…until the weekend rolls around and you just want to sleep in.  Everyone will face their own personal challenges on this regimen while other areas will seem like a piece of cake (don’t eat cake).

For some, the fitness and nutrition aspects will be a breeze, but will struggle with the habits to boost productivity.

Others will ace the habits to increase confidence and mindset while struggling on waking up on time.

Chances are you will fail this 30 Days of Discipline challenge and you know what?  It’s ok.  Just start right back from Day 1 and begin again.  You see, the magic behind 30 DoD isn’t completing the 30 days.  The true power of this book is in creating new, permanent habits that will shape the rest of your life.

My Personal Experience with 30 Days of Discipline

To be quite honest, I don’t follow 30 DoD right now.  Before you believe that’s a strike against the book, it’s really not.  Me not following 30 DoD right now is all on me, not Victor Pride.  That being said, I’ll be starting it up again this week as well as announcing some exciting news, so be sure to subscribe to my site and follow along.

When I was adamantly following 30 Days of Discipline, the effects were immediate and profound.  I began getting in better shape within the first week and my productivity went through the roof, not just at work but on the home front as well.  The hardest part for most will be getting up a 5:00AM every morning.  Once you’re up however, everything else operates like magic.  Just start making your way down the checklist and you’re golden.  By the end of the first week, I felt like a beast ready to take on anything.

I was killing it at work, home, martial arts class, and everywhere in between.

It was such a surreal experience because these 12 habits weren’t anything magical, but they worked!  My confidence skyrocketed, my productivity was at an all time high, and my energy levels soared even though I was waking up an hour or more earlier every day.

The only downside, if you can call it that, is Victor Pride holds you to one brutally strict criteria for successfully completing 30 Days of Discipline: Complete all 12 habits every single day for the full 30 days.  If you miss just one task 29 days into the assignment, you’ve failed.  Back to day one, buckaroo.  Talk about discipline!


Victor Pride’s 30 Days of Discipline is a must have for the go-getters out there wanting to hone their discipline, boost their confidence, realign their mindset, and improve their fitness levels that others could only dream of.  Think of this as your at home boot camp designed to kick your ass and mold you into a winner.

30 DoD is a short book, but the benefits will last you a lifetime.

30 Days of Discipline
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