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The book Fight Club was disturbing to many people that read it, but it was a siren that woke up many men. Fight Club had an embedded message that means more now than it did when it was published back in 1996. We will follow Mr. Durden’s path to what he was supposed to become.

Man of Utilitarian Means-Less is More

Outside of his descent to madness, Tyler grew into a very resourceful man. He took the waste of the world (i.e. discarded medical waste, hourly workers, crumbling real estate) and grew an industry, an army, and a presidio. He had little from his many jobs. You never saw a Hummer in the story but he fought the rat race instead. In the story; Tyler seemed to be in debt, but he had both active income (Paper Street Soap Company) and passive income (“severance pay” from previous positions). (Project Mayhem’s goal of “re-setting” the financial sector by blowing up credit companies’ buildings, although fallacious, seems to have covered Tyler Durden’s debt if carried out). Tyler teaches us that we should not be beholden to a soul less drive such as the consumer culture and that your labor should be of a satisfactory (purposeful) pursuit. Tyler wants you to live within a decent means and consider a Spartan existence. You can accomplish more by focusing your energy.

 Forged an Army of Steel – Tested Through Action

Tyler found fellow men who were looking for more and who struggled with the many lies found in everyday life. In Project Mayhem, He saw the “strongest and smartest men who have ever lived” and drove to “finish raising them”. He served as a father that they never had; shaping them into the men that they were meant to be; think transformational children. He broke them of the consumerist cancer and left them blank for their true purpose. He became a better version than his father, instead of another directionless family. He encouraged the chosen to find a deeper purpose and to spurn the wrong they were born into. Project Mayhem was a natural fit much like the challenging environment of a military organization. Project Mayhem made many of his “space monkeys” leaders amongst themselves, try small group oversight or platoon leaders. The “space monkeys” soon overtook most day to day operations of training and many of the Fight Club operations. Tyler’s message would still ring true today for you to harden your resolve and join with others that are sick of a pointless existence. Spurn the cancer and push others to do the same.

 Untethered by Archaic Notions

Tyler paid no mind to the trove of available women. He did not get intertwined when there was work to do. He enjoyed an occasional dalliance with an available partner, but he was focused on tasks at hand. Mr. Durden passed on the limited trust of a brother, (this was visible in the teamwork necessary to follow through the most important tasks of Project Mayhem). If Tyler’s vision was brought to completion, he was to be a father of a “re-birth”; a cultural renewal. On p.124 of Fight Club, he speaks of his desire to smash the Elgin Marbles and to “burn the Louvre”. He wanted to “wipe his ass with the Mona Lisa”. Tyler even delves into this more when speaking that “Project Mayhem will be a cultural ice age…a prematurely induced dark age”. The mentioned notion of blasted history allowed for the pure of heart to start over and not feel guilty for the sins of yesteryear. We, as men of this modern age, have more influence over culture then we have been lead to believe. It is time to retire our own archaic notions (MSM/entertainment complex, anti-male legal industry, etc.) and heal the damage done. The men of integrity must withdraw their support of the antithetical ideals and start supporting the productive elements of our lives.

Changing the World: A Continuous Task

Tyler Durden’s actions started very small and grew exponentially. Fight Club started as therapy for his pain generated by his family history. He had also never experienced a fight with another human being. He mentioned that he didn’t know his own capabilities. Although Fight Club wasn’t about conservation, it allowed for the action of fighting to scream out for what the men were missing or what the men wanted. In a way, this conduit was a gift to others. Tyler allowed for his gift (Fight Club) to grow and help to continue his vision. Many of Fight Club’s earliest “joiners” were the people that took the reins and lead it to a large expansion. The message stayed simple and true. The message continued on. Tyler Durden, Fight Club participants, and Project Mayhem reflect what we should be doing. It is our job to change the future and to live the lives that men should be. It is a continuous task but an undertaking we must engage.

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