Today we are taking another politically driven story and gleaning some valuable lessons from it (along with seeing the obvious media bias yet again).  Take a moment to view the video in this link.  For added effect, I would suggest watching it once and then watching it again with the volume off.  During the second viewing, pay special mind to things such as body language, how the situation evolves, and the actions of both parties.

Pretty intense, isn’t it?  As I watched this video unfold, lessons from The Art of War and The 48 Laws of Power sprung to mind.  Today, I’d like to share some of these valuable lessons with you.  Let’s begin…

Open Ground Becomes Desperate Ground

As you can see in the video, the area where the protestors were gathered was an open, isolated road.  There was plenty of space for the protestors to congregate that wouldn’t have blocked the road, but what’s a protest without inconveniencing some blue-collar workers just trying to get home, right?

The protestors, confident in their numbers and the complacency of the truckers, begin blocking the road off.  While this act is an annoyance, it’s what they do next that exacerbates the situation and causes the true story to unfold.

Sensing a particularly irate trucker, protestors flock to his truck and immediately surround it.  This is where it’s key to turn off the volume and watch what everyone actually does.  The “journalist” who is reporting on this story loves to paint how the protestors were all saying how they are peaceful, but their actions paint a completely different picture.

“When you surround the enemy
Always allow them an escape route.
They must see that there is
An alternative to death.”
—Sun Tzu, The Art of War

By surrounding the truck, the protestors unwittingly put the driver on desperate ground.  Put yourself in his shoes for a moment.  Imagine your vehicle getting surrounded by a bunch of strangers who are yelling at you and not letting you pass.  You can almost feel the claustrophobia and panic creep in, can’t you?

Like any other animal, a human does not like being cornered with no possible escape.  If placed in that situation, an animal who would otherwise flee becomes a savage beast who will fight with all the ferocity he can muster to protect himself.  These protestors by putting the truck driver on desperate ground, triggered his basic animalistic instincts; fight and/or flight.  If they had merely left a way clear, there would have been no story.

On a side note, the protestors made the mistake of violating Law 19: Do Not Offend the Wrong Person and, in typical SJW fashion, instead of backing off when the man brandished a firearm and become moving forward in his truck, they double-downed; extremely foolish.

The Truck Driver

Now we’re going to turn our attention to the truck driver in this scenario.  The truck driver, despite the simplicity of his actions, responded appropriately given the situation.

Some of you might be aghast by my assessment, but it is completely true.  The truck driver effectively responded to the desperate ground that was foisted upon him and even employed a few of 48 Laws of Power to safely get himself and his passenger out of that volatile situation.

“Ground on which we can only be saved from destruction by fighting without delay, is desperate ground.”

—Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The truck driver was surrounded by an unruly mob and, given how protests have quickly gone violent in the past, he had every reason to fear for his safety.

Subconsciously, he knew arguing with them would be fruitless.  A mob is never rational and rarely stays docile.  Without ever having read The 48 Laws of Power, he employed Law 9: Win Through Your Actions – Not Argument.  Listen to what I say very carefully: You DO NOT try to reason with a mob of people.  The more that people congregate, the more the mean IQ of the group drops.  In the end you are left with a horde of mindless animals, incapable of rational discourse, intellectual honesty, or simple compassion for others.

Synergizing with Law 9, the truck driver also employed Law 28: Enter Action With Boldness.  Not once was the truck driver timid.  He was loud, aggressive, and unrelenting.  Those of you of the leftist persuasion would call this toxic masculinity, but in truth, if he were to behave timidly, the mob would have sensed his weakness and overran him.  Because he was unpredictable (Law 17), the mob kept mostly to blocking the truck and steered clear of trying to pull the truck driver out.

In fact, at one point the truck driver even stepped out of the truck and walked to the passenger side and everyone gave him a wide berth.  While this falls in line with Law 28 and 17, I would say this was a mistake on the truck driver’s part.  This allowed him to be painted as an aggressor by the media as well as unnecessarily opened him up to an attack.  In my opinion, he would have been better off staying inside the truck unless there was a compelling reason for him to get out.

Media Bias

Finally, let’s cover the obvious media bias in this story.  Exhibit A, the blasted headline!

“Man pulls gun on Standing Rock protesters, runs them down with truck.”

If the location of the incident wasn’t in this headline, you’d think this was an article from the Nice, Paris attack.  The “journalist”, and I use that term very loosely, goes on to claim that the man was waving the gun around.  You know how you’re dealing with a liberal gun control nut?  They sensationalize everything.  This truck driver was objectively NOT waving the gun around.  In fact, throughout the entire video I cannot find a single time he actually pointed the gun at anyone nor did he even seem to have his finger on the trigger.  At the very most, he was brandishing a firearm which is very different from waving it around.

Exhibit B, appeals to emotion instead of the facts.

“Go around! We’re peaceful! We don’t have guns! We love you! We care for you!” said one protester. The demonstrators surrounding the truck could be seen standing with their hands up, with some of them on their knees in prayer.

The man continues to drive forward, until agonized screaming can be heard, in which protesters start screaming “There’s somebody under the car!” The man ignores these screams and continues to drive forward, also running over another protester’s foot.

Notice the embellishments the “journalist” added into the story.  He made sure to paint the protestors in the best possible light while simultaneously making the truck driver out to be Satan incarnate.


Exhibit C, unconfirmed reporting to further support their narrative.

Goldtooth and other protesters also said that the man fired his gun into the air multiple times after the video cut out.

Color me skeptical, but at this point of the narrative spinning I wouldn’t be surprised if they totally fabricated this part.  This is a common tactic employed by sensationalists that puts them at little to no personal risk if it winds up being untrue because the “journalist” can simply fall back on that he was just reporting was the protestors told him.

Could it have happened?  Sure, but look at the video again.  Strange how there were multiple people out there with smartphones video-taping the whole encounter, yet none of them have footage of him actually shooting the gun up in the air?  And the media wonders why viewer confidence in them is down to a paltry 6%.  Look no further than people like Nathan Wellman.

Nathan, you’re pathetic.  Shape up or find a new profession.  People like you are doing a disservice to true journalists.


And there you have it, men.  At the end of the day, nature doesn’t care about your cause, only survival.  Even in a civilized society, the dark world still lies just beneath the surface ready to quickly and savagely remind the ignorant sheep the law of the jungle when they stray.

If you are a sheep poking a lion, do not act surprised when the lion eats you for lunch.  Just like the protestors jumping in front of a 4,000 lb piece of equipment, the sheep is asking nay, begging, for its own demise.

Whether you agree with the trucker or the protestors is irrelevant.  Power is amoral.  Those with power exert it on those without.  Whining about it not being fair is a fruitless, childish endeavor.  Put aside childish things.

Best Regards,

Gentleman Jak