Good Morning Gents!

It’s another week and I have another update for you on my 3 Month Experiment.  Unlike the previous week, I did not suffer another illness attack (thanks in large part to daily consumption of Emergen-C) so I was able to stay on track and even get some workouts in.  Let’s dig into some of the details.

Passive Entertainment

I have totally broken the habit of flipping on the TV or radio whenever the opportunity is provided.  This is a huge step from the previous week where I kept having to catch myself mindlessly trying to turn on the radio while in the car or reaching for the remote.

I DID break the ban on Tuesday and Wednesday morning to tune into the election news, but after that it was back to radio silence.

My friend, who concocted this 3 month experiment, asked me this morning what changes I’ve noticed from ditching all the passive entertainment.  To be honest, the changes so far have been subtle yet still profound.  For one, I’m more active, even if I’m simply hanging out around the house.  I get up and walk around more simply because vegging out to TV isn’t an option.  Yesterday, after the twins were put down for their nap, I decided to go on a 3 mile hike because…why not?

Another, more subtle, change I’ve noticed is that my mindset is slowly shifting.  I can feel my mind slowing and calming without the constant stimuli from social media.  Also, without dealing with all the trolls online, I can tell I’m becoming less cynical and sarcastic.  While a healthy dose of cynicism is good for keeping you grounded, too much just makes you miserable.

Weight Loss

I’ve been very conscientious about my diet and have been trying to incorporate more frequent workouts into my fitness routine.  I have ditched the fitness plan to build up a lot of strength (for now) and opted for focusing primarily on weight loss and overall well-being.  This allows me greater flexibility in my workouts and I can adapt them to my current mood and energy levels.

My current exercise plan revolves around two components: Consistent and frequent exercise.

What does this look like?  It looks like me sneaking moments to bang out a set of push-ups or squats at work, walking during my lunch break, using a grip exerciser while at my desk or in the car, training in martial arts, and wrestling with the kids.  Basically, finding many moments throughout the day to get my heart rate up and get a little lactic acid in the muscles.

After two weeks of being diligent with my diet and fitness regimens, I am pleased to say that I am now down to 208.6 lbs.  Here’s the obligatory pic of my progress.

3 Month Experiment
Not a huge difference yet, but just you wait.

Next Steps

As the name of this week implies, I’m going to steer the course and not make any real tweaks to my routine for the following week.  I am getting to the point where my weight has tended to yo-yo in the past so I will need to be extremely diligent with my diet and make sure I don’t sneak in any extra calories.

That being said, I have all my meals prepped for the week and mathematically speaking, there should be no way I DON’T lose weight, even if I didn’t do a single push-up all week.

So there you have it, gentlemen.  Consistency is the key in any undertaking.  Take small bites out of your goal and you’ll make steady progress.

Best Regards,

Gentleman Jak

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