Today I am taking one of Jack Ronin’s first articles and adding my own unique outlook to it.  If you haven’t read Jack’s original post, go there first to get a savage boot to the ass.  His post is meant to spur men into action and shame effeminate behavior, while mine is more about refining those actions.  In any case, follow both of our lists and you will see your life improve by leaps and bounds.

Now, onto the list of 7 Reasons You Are An Absolute Bitch!

1. You Lack Agency

In a world where everyone seeks to shift blame to something beyond them, true men are hard to find.  A man with agency recognizes he is ultimately responsibly for the situation he is in and works toward improving said situation.  They don’t mope and moan about “the man” keeping them down or say if only their spouse would do X, Y, and Z, their life would be infinitely better.

A man of agency owns up to his status in life.  It’s the comparison between internal and external loci of control.  Are you in control of your life or aren’t you (Hint: You’re always in control of your life)?

Blaming outside interferences for why you aren’t the man you want to be is weak.  It’s pathetic.  If you’re that man, STOP! If you know men like that, get as far away from them as possible.

2. Your Vices Control You

Followers of my site know that I’m all for a few earthly vices.  It’s what makes life enjoyable.  Whether you enjoy smoking a pipe while you read a book or play some video games to unwind after a long week at work, we all need an unproductive hobby or two to relax.

The problem is when your vices become an addiction that you struggle to control.  It goes from a hobby you enjoy in moderation to a crutch that you must imbibe in frighteningly increasing quantities.

Your health begins to suffer, friendships deteriorate, and your productivity crumbles into a pathetic mess.  If you suffer an addiction, formulate a plan to get away from it and don’t look back.  Men aren’t reliant on such petty things.

3. You’re Overly Emotional

We’ve all seen it.  The guy who goes into a blind fury at the drop of a hat or the pathetic schmuck who cries like a blubbering fool because a girl shot him down.  Uncontrolled emotions is not attractive, or appropriate, for a man.

If you don’t know what stoicism is, look it up now.  Learn to take those raw emotions and channel them into worthwhile pursuits.

There is a difference between being emotional and being passionate.  A passionate man draws people in with his vision and ambition.  A man who is passionate about a goal exudes a charisma that is unmistakable. Whenever the topic swings around to their passion, you can see a smile form at the corner of his lips and his eyes burn like torches.  THAT is manly!  THAT is what attracts others to you.

4. You Lack A Critical Mind

This ties into point 3.  If you’re emotional, you cannot critically assess a situation.  Critical thinking is an essential component for success.  To develop your critical thinking capacities, you need to develop the mind of a detective.  When a news article floats across your view, you should be asking “Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?”  Moreover, you should also dig into both sides of a topic to see if the opposing side has any legitimate points.

Critical thinking has all but disappeared in modern times.  People are ruled by their emotions and the media plays on these emotions by spinning narratives and pushing agendas.  They throw out these outrageous stories in flurries so the viewer cannot sit down and really analyze each individual story.

Ditch the MSM, crack open a book, play some chess, and harness the power of your mind.

5. You Don’t Work Out

Are you a pudgy, weak blob?  If so, you need to lift some weights stat! If not, you still need to lift some weights stat!

Regular exercise goes well beyond the physical.  It improves your confidence, discipline, and social standing.  Hate to break it to you boys, but no one respects a weak man.

You don’t need to immediately jump on a bodybuilding routine.  All you need is consistent and frequent exercise.  Go for a walk or jog.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Hit the gym hard 2-3 times per week.  Do jumping jacks during commercial breaks.  Just get off your ass and do something!

6. You Eat Garbage

Your body is a machine.  If it’s given the wrong fuels it will sputter, spurt, and eventually break down.  Eating healthy isn’t complicated, although it does require some willpower.  Drink a gallon of water a day, eat 6-8 servings of non-starchy vegetables (think cruciferous vegetables and leafy greens) each day, and avoid the junk/processed foods.

A clean diet will improve your mental clarity, help with losing weight and gaining muscle, and alleviate a ton of medical conditions.

If you’re looking to lose weight and you don’t have your diet dialed in, just remember this one simple rule: You cannot outwork a poor diet.

7. This List Offended You

If you were reading through this list and you felt your blood pressure begin to rise, it means you probably check off a few of the items mentioned above.  You need to work on that.

It also means you need to learn how to handle constructive criticism.  Constructive criticism is often delivered with a gentle touch in modern society in order to protect the feeeeeelings of the recipient.  In some instances that’s appropriate, but oftentimes a guy needs a swift boot in the ass.

Gentlemen, consider this size 12 shoe striking your posterior as your wakeup call.



Gentleman Jak