Good Morning Gentlemen,

Ahh, what a glorious Monday.  The air is brisk, the sun is shining, and it’s time for another weekly recap of the 3 Month Experiment!  Not much reason for a big introduction this week so let’s dive in.


The prior weeks have been a bit rough on me, but I feel I’ve really hit my stride this past week.  My body was struggling with the drop in calories and it was really doing a number on me both physically and mentally.  I was hungry and full at the same time, felt lethargic all the time, and was generally unmotivated to do much.

I spoke with my friend who I’m collaborating with on this 3 month experiment and he assured me that this was normal when you drastically change your diet and that it will pass.

Sure enough, about halfway through last week, the symptoms lifted and I’ve felt great.  You’ve got to remind yourself to embrace the discomfort in order to reap the benefits.  I liken it a lot to stretching.  It hurts like hell until your muscle finally accepts the stretch and relaxes, then it becomes a lot easier.

Make Things Easy For Yourself

A big part of the reason I struggled through the first two weeks was because I wasn’t preparing my meals in advance.  Last week I got on top of my game and prepped ALL my meals for the entire week.  You read that right: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all separated into single serving Tupperware containers, ready to grab and go.

This made things incredibly simple. The most cooking I had to do throughout the week was nuking my meal and I was good to go.  Honestly, the hardest part about this process is matching the Tupperware lids with their containers! Haha.

Diet and Fitness

Last week I made jambalaya for my lunches and dinners.  It’s a hearty meal that is easily customizable, cheap, nutritious, and delicious.  This week, I made a huge batch of taco mix with low carb tortilla shells, spinach, and shredded cheese.  Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I’m prepping for it by significantly dropping the carbs.

Staying true to the consistent and frequent rule I discussed last week, I stayed active throughout each day with small bouts of exercise; a short jog in the morning, push-ups and squats intermittently throughout the day, a walk at lunch, and wrestling with the kiddos at night.  This routine works really well with my goal of weight loss as it doesn’t leave me so wiped I can’t do anything else.  That being said, after this 3 month experiment is over, we’ll be moving onto bigger and better things so stay tuned.


The weight continues to inch its way down.  This morning I weighed in at 206.8 lbs.  The closer I get to that magical 200 mark, the more excited I’m getting.  I am beginning to see my face just start to lean out and my favorite pair of jeans are beginning to feel looser.  I’m going to have to get used to wearing a belt with them; a good problem to have.

week 3

At first I was a bit discouraged by the pics.  I looked at the pics I just took of me this morning and thought, “I don’t see any difference!  How much weight do I have to lose to be able to see some change?”  That was until I looked at my beginning pics.  Holy cow!  I’m leaning out in the ribs and my stomach isn’t nearly as distended as it was when I started this 3 month experiment.  I know what some of you, including my friend/coach, will say…

Don’t worry about how you look.

Just focus on eating right and staying active.

And drink your damn gallon of water (that last part was from my coach)!

…But we humans are vain creatures and I like to see the fruits of my labor.  I want to see that I’m not only making progress on the scale, but also in the mirror.  The comparison I made with my starting pics made me quite content with the direction I was headed.

Winter Is Coming (Next Steps)

This week is going to be truly challenging.  With Thanksgiving a mere 3 days away, I need to prepare myself for the onslaught of food.  I have a man’s appetite and can stow away quite a bit of food in a short setting so I will have to take extra precautions not to totally undo all my progress.  For those of you looking to survive the Thanksgiving holiday, here is the battle plan I put together.  Feel free to use these tips as well.

  1. Eat pretty low carb (less than 70 grams/day) the days prior to Thanksgiving.
  2. On Thanksgiving morning, take a long hike in the morning to burn a ton of calories before the eating commences.
  3. Skip the alcoholic beverages and stick with water or unsweet tea.
  4. Start the feast off with a large serving of turkey so by the time I get to the mashed potatoes and stuffing, I’m not very hungry.
  5. Do some strength training after the food has had time to settle to help burn off those carbs.

This is always the hardest season to survive a diet.  Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all the snacks and treats in between, it’s really easy to fall off the bandwagon.  My best strategy is to stay out of the office kitchen (There’s already two pies laying in there this morning.  Gah!), and drink plenty of water.

Wish me luck, gents.  I will be back with my weekly report the same time next week.