Allow me a moment to vent at the beginning of this article.  I assure you that it will tie into the subject for today.

I am not going to mince words, yesterday SUCKED.  It sucked harder than a Hoover.

It started with me having to cover an employee who’s been out all week, effectively doubling my workload.  While only a minor nuisance by itself, the events of yesterday compounded this existing issue.

Yesterday we were dragged into a fruitless hour and a half long meeting.

After I get back to my computer, I had to call the help desk to try to get me back into one of my systems.  After an hour of wasted time, they had to open up a ticket and get back with me (meaning, they wasted another hour with no tangible results).

Once I hung up with the help desk, I tried to get into a different system to get back to work, but wouldn’t you know it, I was now locked out of all my other systems!

Livid, I decided it was close enough to closing time to leave and get away from it all for the night…

….My 45 minute drive home wound up being over two hours.

Finally make it home, get the kids to bed, sit down to relax and talk to the fellas on Telegram and….my phone dies.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, all that happened in under 12 hours.  Suffice to say, I wanted to scream.  I wanted to punch something as hard as I could and let out a primal bellow of rage and frustration. Instead, I went outside, smoked a cigarette and looked up at the stars.


There’s more to life than this.

Those words kept running through my mind as I stood outside in the cold December air.  I watched the stars twinkle in all their brilliance in the dark night sky and slowly puffed my cigarette.  Even though I stood still, I felt a stirring from deep within.

There’s more to life than this.

The stirring felt like a caged animal fighting to escape.  He felt anger, fear, rage, claustrophobic…desperate.  My mind honed in on the word like an eagle spotting his prey.

The animal is desperate.  It wants freedom… I want freedom.

In that moment of desperation, a switch flipped: I’m getting out.

I’m getting out of the 9-5 jive.

I’m getting out of the endless commutes.

I’m getting out of the office with the whiny, effeminate music playing non-stop.

I’m getting away from the pointless meetings, incompetent IT, and screaming customers.

There’s more to life than this.

How to Escape

Honestly, I’m flying by the seat of my pants here.  I don’t have a full-blown plan to escape the soul-draining cubicle life yet, but I know some steps I’m taking to help get me there.

  1. For the time being, I’m quitting smoking and socking away the money I save from that.  It’s not much, but it’s a start.
  2. I’m going to begin fleshing out my first book to put up on this site.  This will be part 1 of a three part series.  It’s going to be a bloody masterpiece.
  3. I’m going to be pumping out a lot more products on my Zazzle site.  Keep an eye out for some great stuff.
  4. I’m working with some of my brothers on a few entrepreneurial endeavors.  If nothing else, it’ll get me a few hours of pay on the weekends.

So there you have it; minimize expenditures and increase the streams of revenue I have open to me.  Is it perfect? No, but it at least gives me some targets to aim for and to get out of this rat race.

Are You Desperate?

If so, good.  I sincerely mean that.  A desperate man is will do something, anything to change their situation.  A man dying of thirst will dig a well with his bare hands.  A dog trying to escape a trap will chew his own leg off.

Desperation is the catalyst for change. If you’re not desperate for change, you probably won’t.

Many people who experience this desperation fall into despair and depression.  Desperation is a misunderstand energy that is tricky to harness.  These types succumb to the waves of desperation instead of using them to propel themselves forward.  If you’re desperate to get out of your current situation -whether it’s a bad relationship, an unfulfilling job, or an unhealthy lifestyle- latch onto those feelings of despair and use them to get the hell out of dodge.

For those of you who don’t feel that deep, instinctual desperation to unblinkingly drive forward, put yourself on desperate ground.  Put yourself in a situation where you must do or die (not literally die).   Remove your creature comforts that dull the senses and sap your ambition.

Remind yourself that life isn’t static.  Wherever you are, you’re not stuck there.  Scrape, claw, and crawl your way out.  The light is just ahead of you.  Do whatever needs to be done to get out of that desperate situation.

You can get out.

There’s more to life than this.