Good Morning Gentlemen,

Not much of an intro today so let’s dive into last week’s events and all the other good stuff you came here to read.


For those of you who read about all the chaos that ensued last week, understand the value of being prepared for road bumps and adjusting your course accordingly.  I failed to do so last week and my results suffered (more on that later).

So how could I have been better prepared regardless of what life threw at me?  Here’s a few things that got away from me that makes a big difference.

  • Didn’t prepare my meals for the week.
  • Didn’t lay out my clothes the night before.
  • Hit the snooze button a couple times more than I should have.

Learn from my mistakes, gentlemen.  I guarantee if you do these three simple things, your days will run MUCH smoother.  I didn’t and my entire week suffered for it.


As of this morning, I weighed in at 203.6 lbs.  Yes, yes, I can feel your scorn.

However, all is not lost.  While the quality of the food I consumed significantly dropped, I didn’t really increase the quantity.  This means that most of this weight is probably water weight due to an increase in carbs and sodium.  That will be remedied today by dropping the carbs back down and drinking enough water to flush it all out of my system.

The bright side is I had some really good workout sessions this week primarily involving sparring.  I still got the sore muscles and bruises (aka – battle scars) to show for my effort.  Now I just need to get back on my regular walking routine.

Also, no pics today.  I’m hiding my shame.  Heh.

The Bright Side of it All

All in all, last week was pretty crappy.  The plus side of this crazy week, if you can call it that, is interestingly enough, the untimely demise of my cell phone.  How could that be considered a good thing?

Because it removes the temptation of surfing the web on my phone while hanging around the house or when I’m walking outside.

Now I am forced to be completely involved in whatever I’m doing.

Next Steps

This week is all about getting back on track.  I’m confident I can get below 200 this week and will be making steps towards that goal every day.  I also have quite a few other projects in the works, so they will keep me busy and productive.

Until next time.

Best Regards,

Gentleman Jak