If you’ve hung around red pill sites for any period of time, you’ve probably heard of the term “Toxic Masculinity” being thrown around.  Like many terms used by 3rd wave feminists, Toxic Masculinity is a purposely ambiguous, ill-conceived term used to place all of society’s woes on men.

Now before we get too far into this discussion, I want to stress that the purpose of this article isn’t to push MRA topics or the like.  Rather, this is an exercise in critical thinking and reasoning to dispel commonly used boogey-man terms that feminists like to use against men whenever the debate stops going their way (you know, when logic is involved).

What is Toxic Masculinity?

Honestly, who the hell knows?  The term is ambiguous allowing for different interpretations.  The closest I can narrow it down to is any trait commonly associated with males that feminists do not like.  They will then typically word these traits so they are viewed in the most unfavorable light; unemotional, sexually aggressive, violent, etc.

Go to a few feminist sites and you’ll see different definitions for Toxic Masculinity.  Each definition will have similar themes, but with slight variations.  This isn’t an accident.  This is a deliberate act by each site espousing this garbage so that a single definition can be spread out as far in all directions as possible. 

How does this work?  Let’s look at a how the word game starts to evolve like a game of Telephone.

  1. Toxic Masculinity says that men are encouraged to be violent.
  2. This propensity for violence stems from participating in competitive sports like football, hockey, and martial arts.
  3. Competitive sports promote aggressive behavior.

You see how the conversation quickly evolved?  All of a sudden we went from a discussion of Toxic Masculinity and how it’s related to violence to it also encompassing competitive drive, aggression, and male-dominated sports.

The same can (and is) done with each other description that falls under the Toxic Masculinity umbrella.  It’s a disingenuous and intellectually dishonest method of debating a topic where proponents of Toxic Masculinity can effortlessly move the goal post whenever they do not have a rebuttal to a specific point made by their opponents.

Countering This False Narrative

Let’s be frank, arguing with a 3rd wave feminist or SJW is about as productive as bottling sunshine.  They are specialists in knocking down straw men, ad hominem attacks, emotional pleas, moving the goal posts, and shouting down opposing views.  Your best bet is to have a good laugh at them and walk away.

If you are intent on engaging with one of these specimens, and God knows why you would want to, you better be a master of Verbal Aikido, have an unshakeable frame, and know your shit inside and out.

Your best weapons will be turning their own definitions against them and some good old mockery.  If you can trigger their amygdala, they will quickly turn into a sputtering, loud mess of insults and threats at which point you can turn to the spectators of this little exchange and give them a knowing smile.

Remember this first and foremost: You are not debating with a feminist or SJW to persuade them.  They are already too far gone.  You are debating them to persuade the audience around you to your side.  Once you’ve reduced them to an emotional mess, it’s time to take your leave (Law 47).

Low Hanging Fruit

So how would I approach such a topic?  Well, I personally love trapping people within their own claims so that’s the route I would take.  Humor and mockery is also effective and good for winning the audience over to your side.

  • Men are taught to be violent?  So what’s keeping me from blasting you in the face right now?
  • All men are rapists?  You must be awful brave then being out here with all these men who are just waiting their turn in line to rape you.
  • Men are sexually aggressive?  If we waited on women to ask us out on dates, humans would have gone extinct eons ago.
  • Men are unemotional?  No, we just don’t sob and eat a tub of ice cream because Rory Gilmore broke up with her boyfriend on the latest episode of the Gilmore Girls.

See the blending of logic, humor, and mockery in these responses?  Each response directly challenges their accusation and is peppered with some ridicule or humor.  Just be prepared for their rebuttal:

“Men are taught to be violent?  So what’s keeping me from blasting you in the face right now?   You’d call the cops on me and press charges?  You mean the same cops that are part of the Patriarchy are going to arrest me, a cishet-male (Yes, it kills my soul to reference this term)?  Surely you jest!”

And down the rabbit hole you go.


Like I said before, the best thing to do is walk away from these creatures and let them stew in their bitter tears.  They hold no power over you and are honestly not worth the effort unless you’ve made a bet with a friend (your friend is a jerk, by the way).

Does this look like someone who has their life together?


They say the best revenge is a life lived well.  I wholeheartedly agree.  Work out, eat right, make a lot of money, get right with God, be the role model for your family, live life on your terms, and to hell with the professional victims.  THAT is true masculinity, toxicity and all!

Best Regards,

Gentleman Jak