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Most of the advice surrounding finance and saving money is awful and won’t actually change your life. These 3 simple tips will actually change your life and save you money if applied correctly.

1. Get Your Wood in the Summer

When are housing prices the highest?

When everyone is buying a house.

The time to buy a house isn’t when everyone is buying a house. Stupid people buy houses at this time. People with no common sense buy houses when everyone else is
buying them.

It is an economic truth: “buy low sell high”.

I worked for an old man who sold firewood. He would get his wood in the summer when it was fresh cut and out of season, making it either dirt cheap or absolutely free.
In the winter, he would make thousands of dollars when desperate people would rush to get firewood when the temperatures dropped below freezing. The wood that was worthless now was suddenly expensive because of the time of year.

Don’t buy your wood in the winter. Buy it in the summer. This lesson applies to everything else in life. Don’t do things when everyone else is doing them. You’ll be in a poorly leveraged position to come out on top. Instead, do what everyone else is too afraid or too stupid to do. Turn around and start walking the other way when the crowd is walking one way. That’s how you make things happen. That’s how you save/make money.

Just go the other way.

2. Buy Candy, Not Scooters.

I had a great aunt who was a very frugal lady. She wouldn’t buy candy because it was “not on sale”. She saved her money every chance she could. If there was a dime to be saved, she took advantage of it. One day she had to buy a motorized scooter for herself, being an old lady. She went out and bought a brand-new scooter for thousands of dollars. She could’ve spent half that much if she just got a similar one that was unnoticeably used. But she didn’t…she spent THOUSANDS on that scooter.

It wasn’t better, it was just new. Like a new car, they lose half their value after a year or two. A total waste of nearly a thousand extra dollars spent for nothing.
What a stupid decision.

And people make these stupid financial decisions every day.
They save their money on things like candy and coffees but then go out and get a big mortgage and a car payment.

Or even worse, a state university education paid for with unforgivable debt!

A dollar is a dollar, no matter where it comes from or where it goes. If you bought a coffee every day for 5 years at $4 a coffee, that’s just over $7,000. You can save or get that much extra when buying or selling a house just by being a good negotiator or not getting something you can just barely afford. Save some money on a house or car and get all the candy and coffees you want.

3. Stop Keeping Up with the Joneses

There is no point of paying any attention to status unless you are ACTUALLY RICH. Nobody cares about your 2016 Corolla. You are an idiot for thinking that anyone cares about your status. It is poor people who are obsessed with status symbols.

Wealthy people realize that ACTUAL financial security is infinitely better than what anyone thinks of you. You will find that living within your means will help you sleep at night much easier than any compliment you received about your new turbo-blade pimped-out riding lawn mower with a zero-degree turning radius.

There you go, the three tips you need to actually save money.

1.       Get your wood in the summer. (Buy low, sell high)

2.       Buy candy, not scooters. (Save on big ticket items, forget about small expenditures)

3.       Stop keeping up with the Joneses.


The Hard Ballplayer