Well here we are again, Gentleman.  It’s another week in the 3 Month Experiment, but it’s so much more than that.

I am now officially halfway through this endeavor and boy do I have some updates for you.  Some of the items I will be discussing today can help you should you choose to pursue a similar journey.  Let’s hop in…

Dead Phone Update

The phone is still dead from a week and a half ago.  While I don’t really mind not having access to the apps and the internet, it does pose a safety concern when I’m on the road.  Besides the concern about being stuck on the side of the road with no phone, it’s been somewhat liberating not having a phone.  I still feel somewhat naked without it, but it’s nice to have a break from it all.

If you find yourself constantly on your phone, try going without it, even if it’s just for a set period of time.  Leave it in your car when you’re at work or turn it off when you get home.  It will feel pretty strange not having it at first but you will find your productivity increases since you’re not constantly pulling out your phone to play on it.


As I’ve become increasingly accustomed to the caloric restrictions, I’ve found it easier to listen to my body and adjust my eating routine accordingly.  No longer am I scrutinizing every morsel that I put in my mouth.  Now I simply keep a loose tally of the calories I eat throughout the day and adjust what and how much I eat as the day goes on.  This allows me to enjoy the foods I like without stressing too much over every little detail.

I’ve also began employing Intermittent Fasting (IF) coupled with a When Hunger Ensues Naturally (WHEN) to make my diet regimen even more effective and enjoyable.  Many of you have probably heard of Intermittent Fasting so I will not go into deep detail about it here.  I typically employ several small eating windows throughout the day and allow my body to fast in between.

In the morning I will generally eat a small breakfast anywhere between 8:00 – 10:00AM, skip lunch, and then eat an early dinner as soon as I get home.  This gives me two small fasts throughout the course of the day ranging anywhere from 7 to 15 hours.

What if I get hungry in between those two eating windows?  No worries.  That’s when WHEN is employed.  Because I have now developed a better relationship with eating, I’m not as concerned with going overboard and totally blowing my diet.  If I’m hungry, I eat.  If not, I fast.

IF and WHEN.  Clever, no?


This is the second big milestone for this week.  As of this morning I officially weigh an even 200 lbs. I honestly don’t remember the last time I’ve been under 200 lbs.  It’s been at least over 6 years.

I have been seeing my stomach gradually shrink but this is the first week I’ve been able to notice my face begin to lean out. As strange as it may sound, this is one of the main areas of concern for me mainly because whenever I took pictures with my wife or some friends, I would see how puffy my face is.  Yes, yes…it’s one of the few vanity-related insecurities I have.

Again, no pics this week seeing as my phone is still dead.  Hoping to have it back up and running next week.

Next Steps

I’m getting a bit ahead of my program, but I’m going to be adding in some strength training exercises to weekly routine.  Up to this point I’ve been walking daily, training in martial arts a couple times a week, and doing the sporadic bout of strength training.

This is in preparation of Phase 2 (to be announced) that I will begin at the end of this phase in January.

In addition, I have been working on writing an eBook to guide others through Phase 1 of the 3 Month Experiment, titled 3ME.  The goal is to make this one of three books, each walking you through one of the phases to a complete transformation of mind, body, and lifestyle.  By the end, you will feel and look like a new man.


Stay tuned for future announcements on this exciting endeavor!

Best Regards,

Gentleman Jak