Good Morning and apologies for the late update.  It’s been a bit crazy this past week.

I’ll be keeping this update very short as the craziness hasn’t quite subsided, but I wanted to keep you all posted on my progress.

Been a lot of eating out this week between holiday office parties, extended family visiting from out of town, and birthday parties.  Fortunately, my IF & WHEN tactics that I discussed last week kept me on target and slowly dropping weight.

On Monday I weighed at 199.5 lbs despite eating a ton of crap food (with SOME healthy stuff mixed in).

If you want to survive the Christmas season while enjoying all the treats that come along with it, here’s a few tricks I’ve employed to help keep me from overindulging and veering off course:

  1. Start every meal with a large serving of vegetables.  At our office party, I ate nearly 3 cups of raw broccoli before I touched anything else on the buffet.
  2. Opt for lower calorie drinks.  Again, at the office party I drank primarily water along with 2 small glasses of whiskey.  This helped keep me from consuming liquid calories that do nothing to fill you up.
  3. Sub out high calorie options with lower ones.  While eating at Logan’s for a birthday party, I nixed the fries on my meal for some steamed broccoli and vegetable skewers.  Keeping the carbs low will do wonders for your weight loss goals and overall well-being.

Another tip -one that I haven’t been employing as much due to the hectic schedule- is to stay active.  Go for walks.  Run up some stairs.  Anything.

Tune in next week, chaps.  Have a Merry Christmas.

Gentleman Jak

Christmas tree