Take a moment to watch this music video from MAGIC!

What do you see?

I see a father that is trying his damndest to save his daughter’s future.  This music video tries to make the father look like some stereotypical, frumpy, conservative trope that we’re supposed to despise while rooting for the young man in this scene…

So why am I actually applauding the father of the daughter in this video?

You’re Marrying a Loser

Whiny? Check.

Disrespectful? Check.

Slob? Check.

What’s not to like, right?  For crying out loud, the whole song is this little schmuck lamenting the fact that his girlfriend’s father doesn’t want him attending Thanksgiving dinners.  Quite honestly, can you blame him?  I’m sure he’s actually quite civilized and insightful….

This guy would be better served taking a step back, look inward, and see if maybe, just maybe, there’s a specific and pertinent reason why this patriarchal shitlord doesn’t want his daughter’s last name changed to “Douchebag.”

Let’s add on to this the fact that this loser obviously lacks any sort of respect for himself, the supposed love of his life, and her family and we have a clear keeper.  If he did, he’d recognize the uncomfortable situation that he’s putting his girlfriend into by making her choose between him or her family and either clean up his act in order to meet her father’s approval or make himself scarce.

He does neither.  He keeps showing up the house to show just how much of a sorry sack of shit he is.  The guy shut the door in your face again?  Guess it’s time for a good cry on the front porch.

Wrapping It Up

In the end, we get the stereotypical horror story happy ending where the daughter runs away with the effeminate loser instead of choosing the upstanding, ambitious young man.  I wouldn’t expect anything less from the smut millennials deem entertainment.

We see at the end of this music video who the true man is, the father.  After witnessing the absolutely terrible judgment call his daughter makes, he wipes his hands of the situation and closes the door on them.  Forever?  Who knows, but he’s not going to be a part of this train wreck.

Chances are he’ll allow the daughter to come back to live with him once she realizes she married a deadbeat.  Maybe she’ll listen to daddy next time.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.  Have I just heard this song one too many times on the office radio and finally snapped? Or is this a true testament to the sorry state of affairs that the modern man has become?

Either way, if I hear this accursed song again I might just throw the nearest object within my reach at the office speakers.

-Gentleman Jak