Well Gentlemen,

It’s onto Phase 2 of the 3ME program and to be blunt, there’s been no ground breaking changes as of yet.  I weighed in a little heavy today at 202 but I can almost guarantee that’s water weight due to a significantly high intake of carbs yesterday.  I’m getting that reigned in and making my meals for the week so I’m not tempted to wolf down sandwiches.

Also got my workout routine sorted out.  Here’s what the program currently looks like:

  • 45 minute walk every day
  • Weightlifting twice a week
  • Pushups, squats, and situps on the days I’m not lifting

The strength training is going to be centered around the big lifts -squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press, and bent over rows- through a variety of rep ranges.  One rep will be for 5 reps, then a set for 8 reps, and finally a set for 15.  I believe this will provide me with a strong foundation to prepare me for Phase 3 of this little experiment.

I also added in bicep curls simply for aesthetics.  Don’t want no T-Rex arms.

Finally, I got a working phone again so I’ll start back up with the progress pics next week.

Other Goals

The focus of Phase 2 is all about minimalism and finances.  As such, I will be working on clearing junk out of my house, setting my house up in a way that it requires minimal maintenance (no small feat with 3 kids), and setting aside money each week.

The goal of setting aside money really depends on your individual needs.  I primarily want to set aside cash to have as a rainy day fund.  Further down the road, when I get within striking distance of paying off the debt, I will probably throw it at that to finish it off, but that’s still a looonnng ways down the road.

Care to follow along on this venture?  Leave a comment below and keep in touch.  Let’s get started.


Best Regards,

Gentleman Jak