Hello Gentlemen,

I don’t think there’s much to say here.  Today we’re going to have a little fun and poke holes through some common SJW/Feminist *ahem*….. “talking points” then offer some simple, factual, and sometimes humorous rebuttals.  Enjoy!

  • Masculinity is so fragile!
    • Says the group who collectively demand safe spaces at all their events.
  • Masculinity is toxic!
    • Then by all means, do not associate with us.  Here’s a list of inventions that you can sort through to boycott anything created by men.
  • I’m triggered!
    • Grow up.
  • I’m offended!
    • Don’t care.
  • The Patriarchy is awful.
    • See my response above for toxic masculinity.
  • Fat is beautiful.
    • Obesity is a sign of an unhealthy body and an unhealthy mind.  Fit and slim is beautiful.
  • Straight, white men have more privilege than any other group.
    • Show me one law that specifically benefits white men.  You won’t, but you WILL find laws that benefit other races, religions, females, and sexual preferences (aka – affirmative action).
  • Mind my pronouns, shitlord.
    • Mind my Jr. High School biology book, dumbass.
  • My body. My choice.
    • What about the infant’s right to choose?
  • Women should have the same rights as men.
    • Equality’s a two-way street that you won’t like going down.
  • Women can do anything a man can do!
    • No…no you can’t.  And that’s not a bad thing.  We weren’t meant to be interchangeable cogs in a machine.  Men and women were meant to complement each other.
  • Rape culture!
    • Is nonexistent in the USA.  There are laws against rape.  There are stigmas against rapists.  The mere accusation of rape, regardless whether it’s a false claim or not, is enough to ruin a man’s life.
  • I identify as a genderfluid/non-binary/platypus-kin.
    • I identify as someone who is firmly rooted in reality.
  • Everyone deserves respect.
    • Respect is earned.
  • (Insert name of person) is literally Hitler.
    • And you’re literally incapable of rational discourse without resulting to ad hominem attacks.
  • Hate speech!
    • First Amendment.
  • Everyone was immigrants at one point so let the illegal immigrants in.
    • That’s tantamount to keeping the front door to your house wide open and just allowing anyone in without knowing anything about them.  Friendly neighbor with a casserole?  Cool!  Serial rapists/murderer intent on killing your family? Them’s the breaks!

Well that’s about it for this round.  Hope you enjoyed this fun little spiel and let me know which SJW/Feminist points I missed (I know there’s a ton of them out there).

Oh! Before I go, I’ll leave you with one final point/counterpoint…

Best Regards,

Gentleman Jak