The left has been vilifying Donald Trump since he became a serious candidate for the presidency.  They’ve called him a thief, sexual predator, corrupt businessman, racist, and nationalist Nazi.  The closer we got to the election, the worse rhetoric and lies became.  They painted Trump as Satan incarnate and literally Hitler while ignoring the sketchy background of Hillary.

Many people, myself included, breathed a sigh of relief when Hillary lost the election.  We hoped that we could now move on, heal our country’s divisions and prosper once again.  For those of you who thought the change would be immediate, no offense, but you were naïve.  Like myself, many people following the left’s agendas knew there would be a huge backlash after Trump became president.  We predicted the increase in rhetoric and violence perpetuated by the liberals and their ilk.

Now we are seeing this all coming to a head.  The left has shown their hand and it isn’t pretty for those against them.  They have abandoned any pretense of peaceful opposition and exposed the ugly underbelly of Marxism: “If we can’t win through political change, we’ll win through violence.”

The mask has been removed.  They are now JUSTIFYING their violence towards us, blatantly for all to see.  Differing opinions be damned. To hell with innocent bystanders just trying to live their lives.  Your livelihood means nothing to them.

If you’re not with them 100%, you must be destroyed.

kid with maga hat
Story detailing a kid being attacked and a leftist justifying it. What more can I say?

Moreover, the left is actively moving beyond mere rhetoric and justifications.  We are seeing the first steps of them militarizing their forces to combat their political rivals.  A recent article has been brought to my attention detailing the intentions of a group known as the Knights for Socialism who are training left-leaning individuals to fight conservatives.

You go, grrl!

Laugh if you will. I know I did, but this highlights a growing concern for people on our side.  Men like you and I who know the value of staying strong and training regularly won’t have much to fear from a few Low-T hipsters with a couple hours of training under their belt, but my predictions are that they will A) move in large groups and B) attack weaker targets who are incapable of defending themselves.

Next Steps

It is often said that those who resort to violence have exhausted all their other options.   The left has lost the political war.  They’re losing the cultural war.

This is the left’s final card to play.

They have painted themselves into a corner and, like a trapped animal, they will violently fight their way out.

Your job is to prevent that from coming to fruition.  I don’t mean going out and hunting these people down like they intend to do to us.  Rather, train like your life depends on it and convince other like-minded individuals to start honing their bodies and minds as well.

  • Lift weights and jog
  • Eat right
  • Train daily
  • Stay vigilant

War is on the horizon.  We face both external enemies and those from within intent on destroying us.  Men, it is your duty to defend those who cannot defend themselves as the left have no qualms about harming anyone who stands in their way.

Don’t be one of their victims.

Best Regards,

Gentleman Jak

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Update (2/8/17): Netflix is now supporting this movement by allowing a new movie, Dear White People to run.