Good Afternoon Gents,

Yes, I’m a few days behind on this update so sue me.  As is often the case, life gets in the way and things like these updates get pushed to the side.  Fret not, dear readers, for I have some interesting things to discuss that you can also incorporate into your daily goals.


Now that I’m getting back on track, my weight has begun its slow drop.  As of this morning, I am weighing in at 198.6.  While I am not eating as clean as I was during Phase 1, there are a few things I am doing to more than make up for it in terms of losing weight.

  1. Daily walks during my lunch break, typically 1.75 – 2.25 miles.
  2. Squats and pushups throughout the day; increasing the amount I do each week.
  3. 24 hour fasts; 1-2 times per week.

If you’re really looking to put your weight loss into hyper drive and you’re not doing these three things every day, you need to start.  The increase in exercise is enough to burn some serious calories (200-300/day) without leaving you feeling fatigued.

And as promised, progress pics are back up since I now have a working phone.


I found this great idea being talked about the other day called the 20 Idea Method.  I thought a good test for it’s effectiveness would be to give it a go in my financial life.  All I can say is “wow!”  My intended goal was to sock away and additional $500/month into savings and this really put my creativity and problem solving skills to the test.  I eventually ran out of steam at 19 ideas.

Charles says to only choose 1 of the ideas and pursue it full force.  I can appreciate where he’s coming from but since my goal is unique in the fact that it’s much more open to interpretation than say “Make another $500/month” I have decided to implement a few approaches to help me get there.

My ideas are broken down between 2 categories: Ideas that would increase my income and ideas that would save me money.  Here are a few that I am implementing.  You’ll notice some also tie into my fitness goals.

  1. Prepare meals centered around rice and lentils: Some of the cheapest foods out there.
  2. Fast 1-2 days per week: No eating means no money spent.
  3. Hypermiling: Just some basics to reduce my gas consumption
  4. Smoking: Going to not smoke on my fasting days.  Double whammy!
  5. Drink only once per week.  It’s really all I’ve been doing the past few months anyways.
  6. Get back to writing my eBook.  I’ve decided to make it encompass all 3 phases as opposed to writing one eBook per phase.
  7. Get certified to teach self-defense courses.  Yes, yes, I could teach martial arts now, but there’s a specific certification that I’d like to get so I could teach a highly specialized system.  The world is a dangerous place right now and everyone needs to know how to defend themselves.

Five ideas to save money that don’t really eat up any of my time and two ideas to increase my income that DO require my time to accomplish…funny how that works.


So I haven’t really done much in this aspect yet.  My goal is to remove at least one item from my house per day.  Most likely it’ll go in the trash unless it’s a book still in good condition or clothes.  Those will go to Goodwill.  I’m hoping that by the end of this three month phase, the house will stay much more orderly simply because there’s less stuff for the young’uns to throw all over the place.

Next Steps

Steer the course, gentlemen, steer the course.  I’m pleased with how things are going so the only real change I need to make is to start clearing the clutter.  I’m taking out a little money each week to stick in my savings; $5 here, $10 there.  This is a nice little system for me because it’s not enough to be missed or throw off the household budget, but it really begins to add up after a while.  Do what works for you.  Maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

See you next week.

Best Regards,

Gentleman Jak