Good Day Gentlemen,

Well I got some positive feedback on my last article about SJW’s that I thought I would expand upon this unofficial series with a brief glossary of terms commonly flung by SJW’s and their actual meanings to anyone not completely submerged in the leftist Kool-Aid.  For those of you who are often confused with the incoherent babbling that often spews from an SJW’s mouth, this list of words will assist you in deciphering their regressive language.

Bigot – Someone who is intolerant of opinions that go against their own. This insult is ironically used by SJWs to try and shut down others with beliefs different from their own.

Check Your Privilege – A derogative slogan commonly used to shame straight, white males when SJWs/Feminists feel they are not being shown proper deference. (Synonyms: Ass kissing, groveling, cuckoldry)

Cishet Male – A normal, straight guy

Fragile Masculinity(See Male Tears)

Gender – A term commonly misused and abused on Tumblr to rationalize why each leftist is a special snowflake.

Hitler – Similar to insults like bigot, racist, or sexist, but commonly reserved for the most notorious enemies of the left.  The actual history of Hitler is unknown to SJWs and Feminists.

Literally – Figuratively

Male Tears – A derogatory term commonly used when a male takes issue with some slanderous accusation laid onto all men everywhere (ex-“All men are rapists”). When the man tries to explain why the accusation is not true, they are then mocked with the term “Male Tears.”

Mansplaining – A derogatory feminist term used for a common phenomenon where women get upset when a man tries to logically explain something that the woman does not understand.

Manspreading – A derogatory feminist term used for a common phenomenon where men naturally sit in a position with the legs spread apart in order to avoid putting a pinch on the huevos.

Privilege – Some cosmic force applied to a specific group (ie – straight, white men) that magically makes them succeed above all other groups in everything.  This ability is inherent in all straight, white men. (See also: Check your privilege)

Protests – A word often to used to describe violent rioting.  Protests are often politically motivated and when they’re not, they’re still blamed on some political issue. (See also: Looting, assault, BLM, arson, terrorism)

Racist(See bigot)

Safe Space – A children’s nursery.

Sexist – (See Racist)

SJW – Social Justice Warrior.  A fancy name for someone who is merely unsatisfied with their own personal achievements and therefore must pick up asinine causes in order to feel like their life has worth. (Synonyms: Imbecile, Don Quixote, delusional, laughingstock)

Toxic Masculinity – All the attributes commonly found in men that Feminists say they hate.  In reality these attributes often make the panties moist of said Feminist.

Triggered – A strange phenomenon where SJWs and Feminists will sporadically revert to a childlike state of mind.  This usually occurs after mild stressors (dissenting opinions, mansplaining, MAGA hats) are introduced to the subjects environment often leaving the individual incapacitated.

Trump – (See Hitler)

Ze – Some made up shit.